Congratulations to Hodges Bailey, from Centralia High School, for being our first Pacific Sports Spa “Athlete of the Month.” Hodges has been visiting us on a near daily basis since we opened in December, visiting us for help with recovery from playing basketball every day, to most recently for help speed his recovery from a wrist injury. Not only is Hodges a great athlete, being a three-time state champion in baseball and basketball, all-state baseball player, all-league basketball player and playing on several select basketball and baseball teams, he is an exceptional person. Always polite, extremely personable and fun to be around, he was an easy choice for us to be awarded his first award of a free month of Normatec usage! We are extremely excited to follow his success in college as he recently committed to The Master University in California to play basketball and baseball. Good luck Hodges and thanks for coming in!

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